Jacqueline's Crafts

Beading - Fabric manipulation - Curtain Making



I am Jacqueline Fava, a married, 43 years old mother of two beautiful boys and I would like to welcome you to my website.


Beading has always been a hobby of mine and I have been practicing for quite an amount of time, dedicating numerous hours to create new beading patterns and methods through which beading could be incorporated to ordinary objects in order to create a decorative item. Eventually I ventured into other areas of crafts including fabric manipulation, gold embroidery as well as 'ganutell' (thread filigree).


I am a proud member of the Malta Craft Council and an adult educator teaching classes in both beading and fabric manipulation as well as curtain making and design, which is an other hobby I practice professionally. 





I believe that crafts especially traditional Maltese crafts should be exhibited as they have both unique and refined characteristics. Thus, in the past years I have taken part in numerous exhibitions including the annual exhibitions during the 'Notte Bianca' held in Malta's capital Valletta and the annual exhibition held at the San Anton Gardens together with a number of students whom I encourage to participate in order to exhibit their work. 




Currently I am participating in an exhibition entitled 'A Taste of Malta' which is being organised by the Malta International Airport's at its departure lounge. Other upcoming events in which I am involved include a fashion show which we are currently organising and which is scheduled to be held at the St. James Cavalier during the 'Notte Bianca 2010' on the 25th September.


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